ShieldX provides gear designed for the world’s harshest environments. ShieldX Elemental Gear is powered by X-Static® which permanently bonds 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of a nylon fiber. All ShieldX garments are permanently anti-odor, anti-microbial/fungal, anti-static and thermoregulating.

Powered by X-Static®, ShieldX harnesses silver to create a powerful technology that eliminates odor by inhibiting bacteria growth. This permanent silver technology stops static electricity and eliminates electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The military grade garments help regulate body temperature by conducting heat away from the body in high heat environments, while reflecting heat back towards in the body in low temperature. The thermodynamic technology that powers ShieldX has been used and tested in the world’s most grueling conditions by United States Special Forces, NASA and Olympic athletes.



Products powered by X-STATIC® feature a 100% coverage area of silver on the fiber to maximize performance, but remaining comfortable.

How it Works

Take an in-depth look at how ShieldX and the X-STATIC technology keeps garments odor-free and soft

Proven to Extremes

From the peak of athletic performance to space, learn more about how the technology behind ShieldX has been proven.

*Properties present in ShieldX products powered by X-Static Technology. EPA regulated products containing X-Static® solely protect the finished product itself from microbial growth and odor. Any public health claims related to X-Static® products are limited to products regulated by the FDA and do not apply to products under regulation by the EPA.