Proven to Extremes

More than 2,000 Years of Proven Performance

Proven to Extremes


Silver has long been utilized due to the unique antimicrobial properties it possesses. From cutlery to battlefield dressing, this precious metal has long been a stable in various civilizations.


By permanently bonding metallic silver to the surface of the fiber, the X-STATIC® technology harnesses these properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria on fabric. 

Armed U.S. Marine

Tested across a wide range of extreme uses, from the United States Special Forces and NASA to Olympic Athletes.

Three Firefighters

Proven to keep apparel smelling fresher, for longer. Discover how X-STATIC® can help you defeat odor!

*Properties present in ShieldX products powered by X-Static Technology. EPA regulated products containing X-Static® solely protect the finished product itself from microbial growth and odor. Any public health claims related to X-Static® products are limited to products regulated by the FDA and do not apply to products under regulation by the EPA.